“Sea Glass”, 63″x78″ is made all from batiks and hand-dyes.  It was completed in October of 2011.   It’s an original design of my creating, and depicts how seaglass is deposited from the ocean to the sand.  The colors of the batiks translate wonderfully to the colors of sea glass.  The quilt has two layers of batting – Hobbs 80/20, and heirloom wool on the top of that.  It is stitched with Superior Bottomline thread and Superior Rainbows.  The waves are hand appliqued,and the 125 pieces of sea glass are machine appliqued.  I designed the quilting within the center section to be more free-form and organic, utilizing a number of fillers, feathers, etc.  The borders are a  juxtiposition in that they are more structured and traditional, but the feathers chosen were done to mimic the shape of waves.  I chose an axisymetrical scalloped border, and a micro-piped binding.  This quilt represents about 50-60 hours of quilting.  It also was finished with ~2500 Swarovski crystals.  It won a 2nd place ribbon at MQX West 2011, and a 3rd at A Quilters’ Gathering 2011.  It will be shown at several additional shows throughout 2012.