I teach at a select number of quilting shows.  If you are interested in me coming and teaching to your group, please contact me msolomo1@maine.rr.com.  The following are classes I offer:

  1. Ruler The Roost

If it is longarm templates you want to learn to use, this is the class for you.  I will show many of the template offerings available from my personal collection.  The 3-4 hr class will cover proper template technique, as well as stitching patterns for cross-hatching, linework designs, and a variety of other motifs.  Templates are the mainstay of the designs I create on custom quilts, and are used for SO much more than just ditch stitching!

2.  Fearless Feathers

This class is intended for quilters who are either new to quilting feathers, or want to gain more confidence in their feathers.  We will start at the beginning drawing, and then move to the longarm.  The class will cover structure, technique, styles of spines and feather fronds.  Believe it or not, there is a feather that can and does work on EVERY quilt!  The latter part of the class will look at filling shapes like circles and triangles (and more) with feathers.  More advanced students may pick up some tips on feathering borders as well.

3. Beautiful Backgrounds – Grid-Based Fillers

In this class, each student will receive a pre-printed quilt top which has a variety of grids in a variety of sizes.  We will learn how to stitch some lovely and relatively dense (although you can tailor your grids to your abilities and quilts) continuously stitched fillers.  A number of these fills are taken from the Japanese Sashiko designs, and are intensely beautiful.

4. Dense & Dainty – Freehanded Fillers



5. Feather Borders


6. Curved Finishes


7. Trunk Show