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Fearless Feathers

The feather is the most personal of quilting motifs, sometimes compared to a quilter’s fingerprint because everybody’s feather is slightly different. Learn dozens of styles of feathers that can be customized for each and every quilt. Feather designs are included for borders, shapes and backgrounds.  88 pages. $25

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Narrow Borders – Big Designs

Nearly every quilt has some form of border or sashing. Learn over 100 designs ideally suited for narrow borders. Designs include freehand and template-based patterns, feathered designs and my unique Mix-n-Match shape gallery of dozens of cookie-cutter designs. 84 pages. $25

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Beautiful Backgrounds Grid-Based Fills

Grid-based fillers have long been a staple design element in Margaret’s quilts.  Learn techniques for creating nearly 75 fills from traditional fillers based on the Japanese Sashiko patterns to more modern interpretations.  The use of a grid keeps fill patterns structured and easily repeatable. Spiral bound. 91 pages.  $25 caries my custom grid fabric for practicing patterns from the book.  Use search code “margaretsolomongunn” or “beautifulbackgrounds“.  Each yard contains 48 5″ gridded squares.  Fabrics are available for 1/2″ and 1” straight and point grids.

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Dense & Dainty Freehand Fills

Creative backfill designs are everywhere.  Learn effective techniques for designing and stitching unique freehand fills suitable for everything from the most traditional quilt to today’s uber-modern alternatives.  Spiral bound. 93 pages.  $25

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Design Inspirations

The AQS Signature Series brings an in-depth look into the quilting process of award winner Margaret Solomon Gunn.  Learn Margaret’s techniques for making three of her most well-known, award-winning quilts. The book chronicles Margaret’s journey for each of the three quilts from design inspiration to finished product, providing tips and insight on how they were created. Line drawings, thread suggestions, quilting instructions and detailed photographs are included.  160 pages. $26

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