This quilt was made by a client of mine, Sue Lawson from Wisconsin.  It is constructed of quilting cottons as well as some satins.  It is Sue Mathieson’s pattern.

The quilt has wool batting, and is stitched with predominantly gold Glide thread.

It is expected that this will be displayed at some quilt shows, so it was fully custom quilted.  The stars around the checkerboard border were all ditch stitched, and a simple treatment was swirled in alternating rays.  The centers received feathered wreaths.  Star backgrounds were densely pebbled to help the stars to pop.  The client especially requested feathers, so the outer region of the checkerboard background was quilted with free-meandering feathers.  The center medallion (the Costa Rican Cartwheel) was also feathered, while the gold background received curved cross-hatching.  I use a number of textures (straight stitching with more textural stitching) to create variety.  Rays were quilted every 5 degrees out from the center medallion.  Then to accentuate the rays, every other one was densely back-filled.  The effect is dramatic.

This quilt took 35-40 hours.

This quilt is published in the 2014 Quilt Arts Engagement Calendar.