42″x42″, quilted 2011

This quilt is made by me, inspired  by the center appliqued square which was started at a Karen Kay Buckley class on hand-applique.  The remainder of the quilt is original and is mostly hand appliqued.  The quilt has a layer of 80/20 Hobbs batting and a layer of Hobbs wool batting.  For show quilts, the dual layers help to show the features of the quilting.  The quilting is intricate, taking approximately 30 hours to complete.   All appliques are outline stitched with a monopoly thread.  I then stitched a variety of dense fillers including pebbling, McTavishing,  feathering, radiating rays and symmetrical swirls.  The top thread is a Superior So Fine (several colors used) and the bobbin is a Superior Bottomline 60wt thread.  This quilt earned a blue ribbon at the Maine Quilt Show in 2011, a 2nd place at the Georgia Quilt Show, and will be visiting other shows in 2012.  It required 40 hours of quilting time.